Erin McKee

by David Wilford

On first impression, Erin McKee seems to be a polite, rather shy person who dresses sensibly and acts her age. There's a twinkle in her eye, however, that belies this mundane exterior. To get an idea of who Erin is, look at her paintings and see what they say. Dreamer, lover, singer, storyteller — Erin is all of these and more. In her art, you may see what her dreams are made of, and perhaps find a few of your own dreams revealed.

Erin resides in Minneapolis, where she fits right in as a shy person, 'though she's not native to the Midwest. Erin's childhood was spent in the deserts of the Southwest, which didn't prepare her for Minnesota winters! This might explain Erin's fondness for hugs as a way to maintain her body temperature. (But please ask before volunteering any heating assistance!)

Erin's experience as an SF and fantasy artist began when she started showing her art at SF conventions in the Southwest. She also contributed illustrations to fanzines, and illustrated and co-published Touchstone — a tribute to Fritz Leiber. Erin later worked as an artist for Adventure Games, but ultimately decided to pursue a career as an independent artist. In addition to her SF and fantasy work, Erin is an accomplished wildlife artist and illustrator.

Those expecting fantasy art to portray subjects with muscles and curves nature never intended may be surprised to see nothing of the kind in Erin's work. The phrase "anatomically correct" comes to mind, and even mythological creatures look like they actually could come to life in Erin's paintings. Erin is also happy to talk with others about the mythos and symbolism that inspire and underlie her work.

While the above may describe Erin McKee the artiste, there's also Erin "the passionate fan of SF and fantasy." As a member of the Association of Science Fiction Artists (ASFA), Erin has helped to promote SF and fantasy art across the U.S. At the 1991 WorldCon in Chicago, Erin was given a Chesley Award for her selfless work on behalf of ASFA. Awards aside, Erin is always willing to give what help she can to other artists and fans.

Erin is also involved in the renaissance fair scene, and her art can be seen at Bristol Faire near Kenosha, Wisconsin and the Minnesota Rennaissance Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota. (For those who've never been to a renaissance festival, well… if you like SF conventions, you'll find kindred spirits at renfests too.)

There is so much more that could be told about Erin if space allowed: that she's bred and trained German Shepherds (which may be why her wolves don't look like them), her award fo Best Tasting Buns (definately the anatomically correct kind), her legendary Win, Lose or Draw performance at last year's DemiCon, and the fact that she's really just so DARN NICE! For those of us who know Erin, we're very glad she's here. And for those of you who haven't met her or seen her work, you definately have something to look forward to!

[this page also contained an illustration by Erin McKee]

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