Schedule At-a-Glance
TimeMain Programming (Ballroom A)Secondary Programming (Merle Hay)Tertiary Programming (Des Moines)Other
Fri.7pmOpening ceremonies; TICC performance*
Panel: How Could I Have Missed That?
Reading: Rob Chilson
10pmDanceLARP Kick-OffHall Costume Contest
12amPanel: Highlander -- Beloved Immortals
1amGhost Stories Open Round Robin
Sat.10amPanel: Authors You Love to HateReading: Jane Lindskold
11amMeeting of Minds: The SF VersionReading: Brooks PeckVincent Jö-Nés' "Imagineering Workshop"*
12pmPanel: The Evolution of Science Fiction*Reading: Robert C. CornettMime Workshop: "Through the Art of Mime"Mitch Bentley's Airbrush and Paint Demo
1pmReading: Roger Zelazny*Panel Electronic Fanzines vs. PrintWorking in Ceramic with Dee Willis
2pmPanel: The Evolution of FandomReading: Mickey Zucker ReichertJ. R. Daniels' Art in About an Hour*
3pmTai Chi WorkshopUsing Commercial Patterns for Custom Costume DesignTag Team Art
4pmThe Best of the TICC
5pmGuest of Honor Speeches*
6pmA Taste of Anime
7pmArt Auction
Formal Masquerade*
10pmA GM's Gaming Workshop
11pmBelly Dancing and Primal Drumming"The Becky-and-Eric Birthday Bash"Panel: The Evolution of Star Trek
12amPanel: Night Eyes -- That Vampire Allure
1amKlingon for the Nervous Tourist
Sun.11amWriters' WorkshopMarketing Your Artwork to Galleries"Ironman" Magic
12pmWin, Lose, or Draw*
1pmLimerick Contest
2pmClosing Ceremonies*

* Items marked with a star are highly recommended for first-time/novice convention-goers.

Other Function Areas: Hours of Operations

Art Show (Urbandale Room, downstairs):
Friday: Artist check-in, Noon - 6 PM. Viewing hours, 2 PM - 6 PM.
Saturday: Artist check-in and viewing hours, 10 AM - 6 PM.
Sunday: Artist check-out, buyer pick-up, and viewing hours: 10 AM - 3 PM.
Consuite (Rooms 511 non-smoking/505 smoking):
Opens 9 PM Friday, then open continuously through Sunday. May be temporarily closed if volunteer workers are unavailable.
Dealers' Room (Ballroom C, main level):
Friday: Dealer check-in, 10 AM - 6 PM. Open to members, 2 PM - 6 PM.
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM.
Sunday: 10 AM - 3 PM.
Filk/Sercon Room (Room 531; see page 16 in the program book):
Open continuously from 2 PM Friday through Noon Sunday. Discussions run from approx. 10 AM - 7 PM. Filking runs from approx. 7 PM - 10 AM.

NOTE: This schedule is current as of 26 April 1995. Program event times, locations, and participants subject to change. Last-minute changes known prior to the start of the convention will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies (7 PM Friday, Main Programming). Scheduling changes made while the convention is in progress will be posted in appropriate locations.

Program Event Descriptions


* Opening Ceremonies, Main Programming. Here's where you'll herar the scoop on the important people and events in store that are for the weekend. Stick around for this year's offering from the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™ West -- if you dare.
*"How Did I Miss That?," Main Programming. Sure, you've read all the best of the classic SF -- or have you? Rusty Hevelin, Mark Moore, and friends help you to answer that question once and for all.
Reading: Rob Chilson, Secondary Programming.
LARP Kick-Off, Tertiary Programming. Prepare for the action of "Standard Decaying Orbit," this year's Live-Action Role-Play. See page 14 in the program book.
Dance, Main Programming. DemiCon deejays Gene Miller and Brian Keller bring you music to strut your stuff by.
Hall Costume Contest, various locations. Don your garb and wander… our "mystery judges" will find you.

DemiCon "After Dark"

"Highlander: Beloved Immortals," Secondary Programming. Where do they keep those swords, anyway? Chris Johnson and Sarah Macht look at Highlander legend and lore.
Ghost Stories Open Round Robin, Tertiary Programming. Robert and Mary Ann Cornett moderate this atmospheric opportunity for you to weave -- or just listen to -- an oldfashioned ghost story. Lights out -- flashlights on!


"Authors You Love to Hate," Main Programming. Got someone whose work you read just for the sheer pleasure of trashing it afterwards? Here's a look at the writers who provide the sources of these "guilty pleasures." Presented by members of DAGOBAH.
Reading: Jane Lindskold, Secondary Programming.
"Meeting of Minds: The SF Version," Main Programming. Four SF literary legends gather to ponder great and timeless philosophical questions. Featuring Nicholas Van Rijn, Hari Seldon, Lazarus Long, and Lady Jessica Atreides. Moderated by Rusty Hevelin.
Reading: Brooks Peck, Tertiary Programming
*Vincent Jö-Nés' "Imagineering Workshop," Artist Workspace. Join our Artist GoH in this exploration of how to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.
"The Evolution of Science Fiction," Main Programming. Our favorite genre has a 100+ year history. How has SF changed from the late 19th century to the late 20th century? With Algis Budrys, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Wilson Tucker, and Roger Zelazny.
Reading: Robert C. Cornett, Secondary Programming.
"Through the Art of Mime," Tertiary Programming. Nationally-recognized mime artist Brian Weigel presents this workshop on non-verbal communication.
Airbrush and Painting Demonstration, Artist Workspace. A "show and tell" of useful artistic techniques presented by Mitchell Bentley.
*Reading: Roger Zelazny, Main Programming. Our Author GoH regales us with selections from his work.
"Electronic Fanzines vs. Print," Secondary Programming. Are we seeing a shift in the form of this fhannish medium? Are fanzines more accessible on the Internet, or do we need the satisfaction of the hardcopy in our hands? With Les Roth and Alois Tchampl.
Working in Ceramic, Artist Workspace. Dee Willis demonstrates methods for creating original work in the medium of ceramic.
"The Evolution of Fandom," Main Programming. From WorldCon I to DemiCon VI, organized fandom has grown and changed over its fifty-odd years. Where have we been, and where are we going? With Algis Budrys, Rusty Hevelin and Wilson Tucker.
Reading: Mickey Zucker Reichert, Tertiary Programming.
*"Art in About an Hour," Artist Workspace. J. R. Daniels reprises his popular demonstration of the secrets that can make art fast, fantastic, and fun.
Tai Chi Workshop, Main Programming. Des Moines martial arts instructor José Mendoza presents this short-course on the popular Chinese discipline.
"Using Commercial Patterns for Custom Costume Design," Secondary Programming. DemiCon V Fan GoHs Pierre and Sandy Pettinger present a look at how to make drop-dead original costumes starting from patterns you can buy at your local fabric mart.
Tag Team Art, Artist Workspace
"The Best of the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™," Main Programming. Members of the TICC West reprise some of the best "bits" staged over the troupe's fifteen-year history.
*Guest of Honor Speeches, Main Programming. Words of wit and wisdom from DemiCon VI's special guests -- Roger Zelazny, Vincent Jö-Nés, and Wilson Tucker. Introduction by Toastmaster Rusty Hevelin.
"A Taste of Anime," Tertiary Programming. Rochelle Dvorak and Garner Johnson present a four-hour sampling of quality Japanese animation.
Art Auction, Main Programming. Can you spare just one more dollar to make that original unicorns-and-pulse-rifles-in-oil yours? Auctioneers J. R. Daniels, Rusty Hevelin, and Lucy Synk will try to convince you that you can.
*Formal Masquerade, Main Programming. The annual parade of creative garb, masks, and make-up. Emceed by Nancy McClure.
"A GM's Gaming Workshop," Secondary Programming. A look at keeping those PCs -- and their players -- in line, on track, and having fun. Jeff Cragmille, Brian Keller.
Belly Dancing and Primal Drumming, Main Programming. Come and join Rachelle Hrubetz, Jon Kerr, and other wigglers and pounders for an exotic terpsichorean romp.
"The Becky and Eric Birthday Bash," Secondary Programming. They'll provide the food, drink and entertainment. All you have to do is stop by and say "Happy Birthday"
"The Evolution of Star Trek," Tertiary Programming. The "Next Gen" folk have started their movies, and we're up to series number four on T.V. Did we ever think it would get this far? With David Countryman, Myrna Logan, and Alois Tchampl.

DemiCon "After Dark"

"Night Eyes -- That Vampire Allure," Tertiary Programming. What is it that draws us to those "creatures of the night?" Do we see a reflection of our own darker natures, or are they just darn sexy? With Chris Johnson and Jerry Pope.
"Klingon for the Nervous Tourist," Secondary Programming. Planning a trip to Kronos, but afraid that a small faux pas may leave you missing a few major body parts? This introduction to basic Klingon will help you to feel confident that you're asking "Where is the bathroom?" and no "How much for your sister?" With Jeannette Roth.


"Marketing Your Artwork to Galleries," Tertiary Programming. It's hard enough to get taken seriously when you paint spaceships and dragons. Experienced artists share some insights on how to break into the toughest art game of all: galleries. David Lee Anderson, Vincent Jö-Nés.
Writer's Workshop, Secondary Programming. Mickey Zucker Reichert's annual tete-a-tete for aspiring authors. Advanced registration required.
"Ironman" Magic, Lobby. Jerry BarronMiller and Paul Clites demonstrate the ultimate in "guts" Magic. Do you dare run that captured Chaos Orb through the kitchen blender?
*"Win, Lose, or Draw," Main Programming. A DemiCon favorite! Our artist guests compete against one another to see who can get the quickest (correct) audience response to their hieroglyphics. Moderated by members of DAGOBAH.
Limerick Contest, Main Programming. See page 13 in the program book for details. Moderated by David Countryman.
*Closing Ceremonies, Main Programming. A meloncholy farewell to another DemiCon.

Additional Events & Info

Gaming Highlights

(For more information on these activities, or to sign up, see the friendly folks at the gaming registration/information desk, downstairs across from the elevators.)


Paranoia feature game
All-night AD&D begins


Miniature painting contest begins (see program book, page 13)
Magic: The Gathering™ tournament
Star Trek CCG tournament
Gaming auction
On the Edge tournament
Living City feature game
All-night AD&D begins
All-night Rifts begins


Judging for miniature painting contest begins
Star Wars feature game
Raffle drawing

Sercon Room Hosts

(See page 16 in the program book for information on the Filk/Sercon Room.)


12pm - 2pm
Rob Chilson
2pm - 4pm
Jane Lindskold
4pm - 6pm
Brooks Peck



The "Roger Zelazny: First Impressions" slide show, described on page 17 of the program book, has been cancelled. It has been replaced by the panel "How Did I Miss That?," Friday at 8:30pm.

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