Schedule At-a-Glance
TimeBallroom AConference RoomGame RoomsOther
Fri.2pmGame Rooms openDealers' Room, Art Show open
6pmDealers' Room, Art Show close
7pmOpening ceremonies; TICC performance*
Panel: How to Enjoy Your First ConventionConsuite opens, (open continuously)
10pmDanceHall Costume Contest
Sat.10amPanel: AnimeReading: Richard KnaakYoga (Poolside) Tag-team Art (New York) Dealers' Room, Art Show open
11amPanel: Romulan Ale: Cleaning Fluid or Rocket FuelPanel: Costuming for a Crowd
12pmPanel: Politically Correct TarotReading: Algis Budrys
1pmPanel: The Quest for King Arthur*Panel: Shakespeare in the Original KlingonSilent Auction
2pmPanel: Making Up is Hard to Do.Panel: Art in About 4 Trillion Nanoseconds
3pmPanel: Making Time for Your Art or CraftPanel: SCA and Fandom
4pmGuest of Honor Speeches*Panel: Astronomy
6pmDealers' Room, Art Show close
7pmArt Auction
Formal Masquerade*
Sun.10amPanel: Costuming for the Not-Very-Faint-at-HeartRaffleSword Tag Demo; Dealers' Room, Art Show open
12pmContest: Win, Lose, or Draw

* Items marked with a star are highly recommended for first-time/novice convention-goers.

Room Locations:
The DemiCon V Consuite is located in room 505 (fifth floor).
The Smoking Consuite is in room 506.
Filking will take place in room 531.

NOTE: This schedule is current as of 12 April 1994. Program event times, locations, and participants subject to change. Last-minute changes known prior to the start of the convention will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies (7 p.m. Friday, Ballroom A). Scheduling changes made while the convention is in progress will be posted in appropriate locations.

Program Event Descriptions


Dealers' Room, Art Show, Game Rooms open.
Dealers' Room, Art Show close
* Opening Ceremonies, Ballroom A. Mass hysteria counter-balanced by flights of fantasy. In other words, introductions of special guests and yet another crowd-pleasing performance from the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™ West.
* "How to Enjoy Your First Convention," Conference Room. Bob Cornett, Rusty Hevelin, Dee Huston, and Marshall Willis try to explain some of the idiosyncrasies of "conventiondom" to the novice.
Consuite opens, fifth floor
Dance, Ballroom A. In celebration of our fifth year, DemiCon invites all to frolic to the music. Enjoy!
Hall Costume Contest, various locations. Our judges will find you, and if you're garbed suitably, present you with an award. Wowie!


"Anime," Ballroom A. For animation fans, Kurt Wilcken explores the world of Japanes cartoons and their impact on our world.
Reading: Richard Knaak, Conference Room.
"Greeting the Sun -- Yoga," Poolside. Helen Cook will assist you in properly greeting the day (and banish the cobwebs acquired the night before!). Join her.
Tag Team Art (continuous), New York Room. Walk in and stand back as our guest artists pool their resources, talents, and ideas into one magnificent (or, at least, "interesting") piece of art. David Lee Anderson -- and ghods and ghoddess only know who else -- will participate.
Dealers' Room, Art Show open.
"Romulan Ale: Cleaning Fluid or Rocket Fuel?" Ballroom A. Larry Mager and Lori Patton will inform and instruct on great room parties we have known and thrown, from the perspectives of both party hosts and guests. Ask Larry about the paint-removing qualities of grain alcohol.
"Costuming for a Crowd," Conference Room. Discover the ins and outs of costuming "en masse:" where to find what you need, what to do with it once you have it, and how to assemble what you have into something you didn't know you wanted. Huh? Brought to you by Greg and Sallie Abba, and Bob and Sheril Harper, a.k.a. Klingons R Us.
"Politically Correct Tarot," Ballroom A. Well... maybe not. But there's a tarot designed for just about every major culture and belief system you can think of. Tarot enthusiast Jeannette Roth examines how tarot serves as a unifying philosophy in this age of increasing diversity. Includes slide show.
Reading: Algis Budrys, Conference Room. Author, editor and bon vivant Algis Budrys will share a selection from his works for his fans and fans-yet-to-be-discovered.
Silent Auction, Gaming Area. Bidding continues until 7 p.m.
* "The Quest for King Arthur," Ballroom A. For a scholarly approach to the Camelot scene, we have invited local expert Jane Lee to enlighten us on the reality of King Arthur and his comrades. Be careful; while expecting to be entertained, you may be educated.
"Shakespeare in the Original Klingon," Conference Room. The dwarf Wookie (alias Paul Clites) reviews recently uncovered evidence pointing to the Immortal Bard's role as a Klingon agent sent to prepare Terran culture for entry into the interstellar community.
"Making Up is Hard to Do," Ballroom A. Larry and Dep Mager conduct this panel on the use of cosmetics for stage presentations. For the well-informed or simply curious, this should be a helpful view of making up for an audience.
"Art in About Four Trillion Nanoseconds," Conference Room. Nancy Wirsig McClure shares her computer art techniques. And she ought to know -- she make her living doing this!
"Making Time for Your Art or Craft," Ballroom A. Glen Cook, Kay Pealstrom, and Maryann Cornett have all taken that leap of faith into successfully finding a market niche. Join them and learn how to combine you artistic talents with your ambitions, fusing them into a marketable commodity.
"SCA and Fandom: Alternate Forms of the Here and Now," Conference Room. The Society for Creative Anachronisms recreates the Middle Ages, and fandom pre-creates the future. Coming at the here-and-now from two different directions, Al Hohrmann, Sarah Macht, and Peggy Miller (all SF fans and past or current SCA members) share their perspectives on participatory history.
* Guest of Honor Speeches, Ballroom A. Coupled with an autograph session for all pros, guests of honor Glen Cook, David Lee Anderson, and Pierre and Sandy Pettinger speechify and share with us their charming slices of con life.
"Astronomy," Conference Room. A free-wheeling discussion on the biggest topic in the universe. Moderated by Mark Hagerman.
Dealers' Room, Art Show close.
Art Auction, Ballroom A. Rusty Hevelin again proves that it is, indeed, possible to have fun while summarily emptying your wallet.
* Formal Masquerade, Ballroom A. Costuming at its finest, presented by fans from across the Midwest, and judged by Pierre and Sandy Pettinger. Always a crowd favorite!


"Costuming fo rthe Not-Very-Faint-at-Heart," Ballroom A. WorldCon "Best of Show" costuming winners Pierre and Sandy Pettinger take a two-hour look at the best (and sometimes the worst) of SF convention costuming from across the globe and beyond.
Presentation: Sword Tag, Lobby. A release of aggression, an adrenaline rush, and a darn good time all rolled into one. Look for it in the lobby near Registration.
Raffle, Gaming Area.
Dealers' Room, Art Show open.
Win, Lose, or Draw, Ballroom A. Our guest artists take pen in hand to compete in this fhannish game of skill, luck, and a little bit of bluff. Moderated by members of Dagobah (the Davenport Area Gathering of Books and Humanoids).
Closing Ceremonies, Ballroom A. A brief farewell to the weekend that will be remembered as DemiCon V, the smoothest convention around. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Dealers' Room, Art Show, Game Rooms close.

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