Schedule At-a-Glance
TimeBallroom AConference RoomGame RoomsOther
Fri.2pmGame Rooms openDealers' Room, Art Show open
6pmSilent Death (novice) Dark Conspiracy (GDW demo; novice) Beyond the Supernatural (trained) Paranoia (RPGA; novice) AD&D (1st of 3 parts; trained/experienced)Dealers' Room, Art Show close
7pmOpening ceremonies; TICC performance*
Reading; Mickey Zucker Reichert*Consuite opens (open continuously)
10pmPanel: Conning on a budgetHall Costume Contest
11pmPresentation: A Walking Tour of Nichols, Iowa
12amGame Rooms close
Sat.9amFencing demonstrationDangerous Journeys (GDW demo; novice) Eurorails (novice) Multizoids (novice) Paranoia (RPGA; novice)
10amPanel: How to Enjoy Your First Convention*Dealers' Room, Art Show open; Tag-team Art (New York)
11amPanel: How Writers ResearchPanel: Perfect Parties and ConsuitesWorking in Acrylics with Mitchell Bentley (New York)
12pmPanel: Amateur Astonomy*Panel: Demonic Art -- NOT!
1pm"Pierre and Sandy Pettinger's Annual Costuming Presentation"Reading: Rob ChilsonSilent Auction (ongoing 'til 4pm)Art in About an Hour (New York)*; Face Painting (Lobby)
2pmPanel: SF's Predictions -- Today's RealitiesDangerous Journeys (GDW demo; novice) Battletech (novice) AD&D (trained) AD&D, v1 (novice) Ninjas and Superspies (trained/experience) Paranoia (RPGA; novice) (Auction winners announced, 4:30)Working in Colored Pencil (New York)
3pmTICC East vs. TICC WestPanel: The Classic SF You Should Have Read*Erin McKee's Texturing Secrets (New York)
4pmGuest of Honor Speeches*
6pmDealers' Room, Art Show close
7pmArt Auction
Battle Force (trained) Star Corps (novice) Dune (trained) AD&D (2nd of 3 parts; trained/experienced) Paranoia (RPGA; novice) Swordtag demo
Charity Auction (begins at end of art auction)
Formal Masquerade*
11pmThe Problem Pit
12amGame Rooms close
Sun.9amAD&D (trained) D&D (trained) AD&D (3rd of 3 parts; trained/experienced) Solaris VII (experienced) Paranoia (RPGA; novice)
10amWriters' WorkshopDealers' Room, Art Show open
11amPanel: Deep Space 9 vs. Babylon 5 (et. al.)
12pmContest: Win, Lose, or Draw
1pmContest: Fhannish Wheel of Jeopardy Feud

* Items marked with a star are highly recommended for first-time/novice convention-goers.

NOTE ON ORGANIZED GAMING ACTIVITIES: The following rating system is being used to qualify players for gaming events:

Novice: No experience required; rules of game will be taught to players.
Trained: Players must be familiar with the game's rules.
Experienced: Players must have played game before.

NOTE: This schedule is current as of 15 March 1993. Program event times, locations, and participants subject to change. Last-minute changes known prior to the start of the convention will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies (7 p.m. Friday, Ballroom A). Scheduling changes made while the convention is in progress will be posted in appropriate locations.

Program Event Descriptions


Dealers' Room, Art Show, Game Rooms open.
Game Rooms: Silen Death (novice), Dark Conspiracy (novice), Beyond the Supernatural (trained), AD&D (pt. 1 of 3; trained/experienced), Paranoia (novice).
Dealers' Room, Art Show close.
* Openining Ceremonies, Ballroom A. Prepare for you weekend with all the info and introductions that are fit to announce -- not to mention another offering from the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™
* Reading: Mickey Zucker Reichert, Ballroom A.
Consuite opens, fifth floor.
"Conning on a Budget," Ballroom A. Think that if it cost less, you could do more? Learn cost-cutting tips from veteran con-goers. Rick Lancaster, Les Roth, Susan Stewart.
Hall Costume Contest, various locations. Don your garb and wander... our "mystery judges" will find you.
"A Walking Tour of Nichols, Iowa," Ballroom A. A look at the humorous side of fhannish life in small-town Iowa with Mickey Zucker Reichert. Includes slide show.
Game rooms close


Fencing demonstration, Ballroom A. Let members of the Hawkeye Fencing club dazzle you with their swashbuckling display of swordplay.
Game Rooms: Dangerous Journeys (novice), Eurorails (novice), Multizoids (novice), Paranoia (novice)
* "How to Enjoy Your First Convention," Conference Room. Rusty Hevelin and friends once again present tips for getting around in the overwhelming world of SF cons.
Tag Team Art (continuous), New York Room. Stop by and watch "art in action" as our talented artistes take turns creating a masterwork before your very eyes.
Dealers' Room, Art Show open.
"How Writers Research," Ballroom A. How does an SF writer satisfy the savvy reader's appetite for detail and accuracy? Three writers give you the facts about getting the facts. Rob Chilson, Brooks Peck, Mickey Zucker Reichert.
"Perfect Parties and Consuites," Conference Room. SF fans love to party, and these experience hosts and hostesses tell you the secrets for making your fhannish bash a smash! Mary Jan Fallett, Myrna Logan, Mark Moore.
Working in Acryllics with Mitchell Bentley, New York Room. A demonstration of how to make the most of the medium.
* "Amateur Astronomy," Ballroom A. From learning the constellations to building your own telescope, our panel astronomers tell you how you can get involved studying the phenomena beyond our atmosphere. Brian Adams, mark hagerman, Mitch Thompson.
"Demonic Art -- NOT!," Conference Room. Find out what SF and fantasy artists have to put up with when their bold visions of the fantastic meet with the mundane and misinformed. David Lee Anderson, Rex Bryant, Lucy Synk.
"Pierre and Sandy Pettinger's Annual Costuming Presentation," Ballroom A. We don't know what they have in store this year, but believe us -- whatever it is, you can be sure that it will be informative and entertaining.
Reading: Rob Chilson, Conference Room.
* Demonstration: Art in About an Hour, New York Room. Once again, J. R. Daniels impresses us all by whipping out a masterpiece in less than 60 minutes.
Face Painting, Lobby. Become a walking work of art as Erin McKee decorates faces and perhaps other body parts (within reason).
Silent auction commences, Game Rooms (runs 'til 4 p.m.).
"SF's Predictons -- Today's Realities," Conference Room. A look at the hit-and-miss world of high-tech prophesy. From anti-grav cars to supercomputers, have past genre writers managed to capture modern times? William Gerber, Mike Miller, Ivor Rogers.
"Working in Colored Pencil," New York Room. A special demonstration by Lucy Synk. Learn to make your drawings come alive with only a few kaleidoscopic strokes.
Games Rooms: Dangerous Journeys (novice), Battletech (novice), AD&D (trained), AD&D v. 1 (novice), Ninjas and Superspies (trained/experienced), Paranoia (novice).
"TICC East vs. TICC West," Ballroom A. It's the ultimate improv showdown as the two branches of the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™ engage in competitive ad lib and silliness.
* "The Classic SF You Should Have Read," Conference Room. Have you been spending too much time on cyberpunk and vampire stories to familiarize yourself with the works that made the genre? Let our panel of experts guide you through the best of the best. Rusty Hevelin, Mark Moore, Brooks Peck.
"Erin McKee's Texturing Secrets," New York Room. Let our artist guest-of-honor show you how simple it can be to add depth and realism to your art.
* Guest of Honor Speeches, Ballroom A. Toastmaster Rusty Hevelin presents our distinguished special guests -- Mickey Zucker Reichert, Erin McKee, and Mark Moore.
Winners of silent auction announced, Game Rooms.
Dealers' Room, Art Show close.
Art Auction, Ballroom A. Watch auctioneers J. R. Daniels, Rusty Hevelin, and Lucy Synk try hard to get you to exchange your entire wallet for what's inside that frame.
Game Rooms: Battle Force (trained), Star Corps (novice), Dune (trained), AD&D (pt. 2 of 3), Paranoia (novice), Swordtag demo.
Charity Auction, Ballroom A. Commences at close of art auction
* Formal Masquerade, Ballroom A. Don't miss some of the finest costuming to be found at a small Midwestern SF con.
"The Problem Pit," Ballroom A. A good problem is almost better than a good solution. Join this DemiCon "Think Tank" and contribute your problematic ideas. Moderated by Mark Hagerman.
Game Rooms close.


Game Rooms: AD&D (trained), D&D (trained), AD&D (pt. 3 of 3), Solaris VII (experienced), Paranoia (novice).
Dealers' Room, Art Show open.
"Deep Space 9 vs. Babylon 5 (et. al.)," Ballroom A. A look at the new wave of SF on television. Has the medium finally matured, or are we getting more of the same old Lost in Space drivel? David Countryman, Marilyn Newton, Steve Tait.
Writer's Workshop, Conference Room. Mickey Zucker Reichert is at it again! Advance registration was required for this year's workshop, but a limited number of observers will be accepted. SIgn up at the registration desk.
Win, Lose or Draw, Ballroom A. Back again by popular demand for the fourth straight year! Watch our artist guests pit their cleverness against one another as they try to get the audience to guess various SF phrases. Moderatied by members of Dagobah.
Fhannish Wheel of Jeopardy Feud, Ballroom A. The ultimate in silly game shows. We're still not sure how this event works, but we trust Dave will explain it to us all before the fun begins. Moderated by David Countryman.
Dealers' Room, Art Show Game Rooms close.
Closing Ceremonies, Ballroom A.

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